Sunday, January 13, 2008


Christchurch (night of Jan. 2)
It was our last night in Christchurch and we finally decided to hit the bars. Megs, Alex, and I first cooked an awesome dinner of leftover pasta, carrots, cheese, a yellow pepper, and Italian dressing. Nothing beats pasta salad. After begging Alex (for hours and hours) to join us on what we promised to be an adventure (she declined every time) Megs and I walked to the city center. I had checked our Lonely Planet to see where the bar scene was, but the entire town looked empty. We walked up and down a few dark streets until we found a promising alley. The alley led us to an outdoor terrace surrounded by bars. Not too many people were there, maybe 10 at the most, but we didn't care, we'd finally found some bars!

First beers we bought were $9 a piece. Isn't that crazy??!! We should have asked before we ordered; luckily we soon made some new, male friends that were more than willing to pay for more drinks. Less than 10 minutes of sitting at a table alone, a guy approached us and asked what we would do if we had a really possessive boyfriend that was constantly jealous? In unison we told him we'd dump him, obviously. His name was Brandon, and breaking up with his boyfriend wasn't all that simple. We invited him to sit with us and quickly the conversation evolved. I love Brandon! He was so nice and hung out with us for the next couple hours as we took turns buying drinks.

Later, Megan met some local guys that started buying her drinks and consequently me and Brandon. The New Zealanders were quite intrigued that Megan and I wrapped our gum around our finger while we were drinking so that we were able to chew our gum once our drinks were finished. In fact, they were so intrigued by our gum wrapping that they continually snuck pokes at our gum, then immediately giggled. Ha, I'm laughing now as I reminisce.

After awhile our local friends decided to head to a new bar and Megan and I were all for that idea. We said bye to Brandon and then Jamin (one of the New Zealanders) picked me up on his back and we were off. Maybe 50 meters from the bar, we thought it was a good idea for Jamin to jump on his friend's back while I was still on his. Awesome idea, I know. I was on the ground in seconds. Just scraped my elbow though, no big deal - much better than my last face dive into pavement.

On the walk to the next bar, Jamin gave us his business card (he sold real estate). Instantly Megan and I were laughing uncontrollably. On the card was his first name spelled in big, black, block letters and dressed in a business suit, Jamin was leaning up against his own name. It was hilarious. I wish I still had the card, but Megan lost it at the bar when she tried to buy drinks with it.

Finally Megan and I headed home. It was a good last night in Christchurch and I had a long bus ride to Dunedin the next morning to sleep the alcohol off...

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Jennifer said...

So, this is what you do when your parents leave you alone. That Alex is a smart one. She doesn't let her older, drunken sisters influence her!